Cultural Society Fair

            This will be held on Monday 18th September from 10am to 4pm in the Marquee outside the Union. Stop by to say hello to other ESN members and our ESN Committee, as well as to find out about culture, faith and volunteering groups here at the University of Leeds. We’ll have ESN cards here too for anyone who has bought a membership and needs to pick one up.


Welcome Talk

            Come along and enjoy delicious free food provided by Aagrah Restaurant and learn a bit more about our plans for the year! It’s going to be held on 19th September in Room 6 of the Union (don’t worry, we’ll have you covered with signposts on the day!) It starts at 6pm - see you there!


White T-Shirt Party

            We’ve booked Around the World Bar from 8.30pm until 11pm for our White T-Shirt Party and there’s even an after party sorted at Smokestack. Just don a white tee and join us on 21st September for an amazing night (we’ll provide the face paint, sharpie pens etc.) This will be a really fun event and a great opportunity to meet new people and even to find a buddy if you haven't already.

For more info on our buddy scheme check here:


Roundhay Park

             On 23rd September we will be heading to Roundhay Park. Bring a packed lunch and meet us on the Parkinson steps at 11.30am for a day at this classic Leeds landmark. We’ll be getting the bus altogether and day tickets are only £5 for 5 people on weekends so it should be very inexpensive! Roundhay is one of the largest urban parks in the world, covering over 700 acres, and it is incredibly beautiful and interesting - it even has a Tropical World. This was a very popular trip last year so we hope to see you all there again to have an amazing day trip out of the city!


            Those are our events so far! If you’re still looking to buy a membership card then follow this link to buy one through the LUU Website ( If you’ve already bought a membership and need to pick your card up, just drop us a message before any of these events on our Facebook page ( so we can bring it along for you. Otherwise, have an amazing week and see you at one of our events!