Are you new in Leeds and do you not know where anything is? Do you want to meet new people? Are you overwhelmed by the huge quantity of paperwork you have to do on your arrival and do you need a hand? If that is the case, join our BUDDY PROGRAMME as a mentee! We will help you to find not just a mentor, but also a friend that helps you with settling in and other things you may need.

Yes, we know that beginnings can be chaotic, but extremely exciting too! And we want to make your experience even better. We match current students living in Leeds with new incoming students according to hobbies, age, studies, etc. If you are reading this, it is destiny. Join our programme by clicking on:

We just need some registration information to make sure you get the perfect match. After that, you will receive an email with the mentor’s information, so you can be in contact.

On the other hand, if you are a current student and you are willing to help incoming people, this is the exact place for you too! Join our BUDDY PROGRAMME as a mentor.

The clock is ticking. Leeds is waiting for you!