Hello again ESNers, we have ANOTHER event we would love to invite you all to (we do spoil you)... our ESN Leeds Movie night!!

We will be meeting in Pyramid Bar/Cafe for a few drinks and to socialise at 7pm before moving into Pyramid Theatre at 7:30pm to watch the movie.

What movie will we be showing??
We will be showing one of the Erasmus classics... L'auberge espagnole.

The Movie
As part of a job that he is promised, Xavier, an economics student in his twenties, signs on to a European exchange program in order to gain working knowledge of the Spanish language. Promising that they'll remain close, he says farewell to his loving girlfriend, then heads to Barcelona. Following his arrival, Xavier is soon thrust into a cultural melting pot when he moves into an apartment full of international students. An Italian, an English girl, a boy from Denmark, a young girl from Belgium, a German and a girl from Tarragona all join him in a series of adventures that serve as an initiation to life. 

It's the perfect movie for all our international members who I'm sure will relate to it in some way.

We will try and provide some snacks (popcorn) but feel free to bring your own!

We can't wait to see you all there (both new and old members) for a relaxing evening after the madness of refreshers week.

31/01/2018 - 19:00 to 23:00
United Kingdom
  • Everyone is invited.