Hello everyone!
On Monday 12th of March, we will hold our society AGM meeting.
Around FREE snacks we will decide on the future of the society.

Who will be our next year's President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Buddy coordinators, Social secretaries, SocialErasmus coordinator? 

Who can apply for a position:
Any student who is going to be studying at the University of Leeds during the upcoming academic year is eligible to stand for any of the positions (this includes students currently studying here, students currently on placement abroad and incoming students but the latter not for the position of the President).

Full description available positions:

You have until the 11th of March to apply here http://leeds.esnuk.org/join-our-local-board don't forget to send your resume to luu.intsoc@leeds.ac.uk.

Please share this event with as many people as possible to make sure we have the best committee to secure the future of the society!

AGM Agenda:
-Sum up of the year
-Financial report
-Members questions suggestions about what can be improved
-For each position presentation of the candidates followed by the candidate speech and the vote (raised hand vote if there is a close call anonymous paper vote can be asked by the candidates)
- If all the position are not filled, a second-round vote will be performed if non-elected candidates second wishes correspond to one of the remaining positions
-If after the second round some positions are not filled these positions will be open to anyone attending the AGM!

12/03/2018 - 21:00 to 22:00
United Kingdom